Home Health Aide

The home health aide provides personal care and related services in the home.  She/he functions under the direction, instruction and supervision of the staff nurse and the Director of Nursing and/or appropriate supervisor.

Organizational Relationship:
The HHA reports directly to the DCS/Case Manager.

Qualifications:  (Preferred unless required by law)

  • Completion of the 9th grade; prefer high school graduate
  • Ability to read and write consistent with job requirements
  • Completion of a basic aide training program consistent with state and federal requirements and for which a certificate was obtained
  • Satisfactory performance on a competency evaluation and annual reevaluation
  • Has the emotional and mental maturity necessary for establishing and maintaining a good work relationship with the patient, patient’s family, and the personnel of the Agency
  • Has a reliable means of transportation to get to assigned client visits


Tasks to be performed by an HHA must be assigned by and performed under the supervision of an RN who will be responsible for the patient care provided by the HHA.  Under no circumstance may a HHA be assigned to carry out or assist any intravenous procedures, procedures involving the use or insertion of Levin’s tubes or Foley catheters, or any other sterile or invasive procedures, other than rectal temperatures or enemas except as otherwise noted, duties of the HHA may include:

  • Helps the patient to maintain good personal hygiene
  • Assists in maintaining a healthful, safe environment
  • Plans and prepares nutritious meals.  Markets when instructed to do so by the nurse.
  • Assists the patient with ambulation
  • Assists with certain treatments as ordered by the physician and approved and supervised by the nurse
  • Assists the therapy personnel as needed with rehabilitative processes
  • May cue for medications ordinarily self-administered as assigned
  • Household services essential to health care in the home
  • Taking and charting vital signs
  • Charting intake and output
  • Encourages the patient to become as independent as possible according to the nursing care plan
  • Attempts to promote patient’s mental alertness through involvement in activities of interest
  • Gives simple emotional and psychological support to the patient and other members of the household
  • Establishes a relationship with patient and family which transmits trust and confidentiality
  • Prepares a report of her visit on the day it is performed and incorporates same in the clinical record weekly or as directed
  • Reports any change in the patient’s mental or physical condition or in his home situation to her immediate supervisor, the staff nurse, or the aide supervisor
  • Carries out her assignment as instructed by the nurse or the paramedical team and reports to the nurse when she is unable to do so
  • Works with personnel of other community agencies involved in the patient’s care as directed by the staff nurse
  • Performs routine housekeeping tasks as related to a safe and comfortable environment for the patient, as instructed by the professional nurse
  • Attends inservice as required by state and federal regulations
  • Confirming on a weekly basis, the scheduling of visits with the Supervisor/Director, to coordinate necessary visits with other personnel.
  • Notifying the Agency of absences due to illness, emergency leave, normal vacation periods, or special professional meetings, which will affect agreed service with the Agency.

Functional Abilities:

  • Must be able to read 12 point or larger type.
  • Must be able to hear and speak in a manner understood by most people.
  • Must be able to stoop and bend.
  • Must be able to travel to prospective patients’ residences.
  • Must be able to lift, turn, and transfer patients weighing up to 200 pounds
  • Must be able to carry bundles weighing up to 10 pounds up stairs.

Employment Form